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What you will need to register for this project

Thank you for your interest in the Rural Design Centre Innovation Project. In order to access support through the project and take part in the Innovation Challenges, you will need to complete the following registration form.

Your organisation must be a small to medium sized enterprise

Your organisation must be a small to medium sized enterprise (SME) to benefit from support through this project.

An SME is defined as having fewer than 250 full-time equivalent employees, and an annual turnover of less than €50 million (approx. £45 million) or an annual balance sheet total of less than €43 million (approx. £38 million).

Completing the online form

If you are not sure of any of the answers, please select the most appropriate option, the information provided will be reviewed by a member of the project team and we will contact you directly if we have any queries or if any required information is missing.

Completion of this form may take you around 15 minutes and you will not be able to save your progress in the form once you have started it.

We will ask you questions about:


  • Your name, telephone number(s) and email address

Your organisation

  • The name of the organisation that you represent
  • Your position within that organisation
  • The address that your organisation trades from
  • The date the organisation was formally established
  • The website address for the organisation
  • The legal status of the organisation
  • A Companies House Reference Number,  Unique Tax Reference Number or Registered Charity Number for the organisation
  • The sector the organisation operates within

The organisation’s eligibility

  • The number of full time equivalent employees working within the organisation
  • The organisation’s annual turnover
  • The organisation’s annual research and development spend
  • The number of product or process innovations undertaken by the organisation
  • The number of employees whose jobs are currently at risk, if any
  • If the organisation is part of a larger group or linked to any other organisations
  • If it is, we will ask for employee and turnover details for the group/linked organisations
  • Any public funding the organisation, or its linked organisations, may have received previously
  • If the organisation has recently moved to England to start trading
  • If it has, we will ask for the date of relocation and the date of registration for VAT

The organisation’s customer base

  • If the majority of the organisation’s customers are businesses or consumers.

The orgainsation’s area of interest

  • Which key areas of delivery, if any, the organisation has a particular interest in

The Organisation’s Receipt of State Aid and Small Amounts of Financial Assistance Provision (SAFA)

  • How much State Aid under EU regulations and SAFA provision under UK regulations has the organisation received in the last 3 years. 

Our marketing

  • How you heard about the Rural Design Centre Innovation Project.

Once we have obtained this information from you, we will not need to ask you for it again.

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