Collaborating Digitally in a Rural Context

15 September 2022
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Being able to communicate, collaborate and share information easily is key to running a successful business.

The geography of working from a rural location can have an even bigger impact on an organisation's ability to do these things in the most effective way.

Many of the businesses that we work with have benefitted from the use of digital tools such as Miro, Google Docs and Trello to overcome their challenges. Tools like this can not only streamline activity but are easily accessible and user friendly.

In addition, operating from a rural area can also mean reduced internet bandwith and slower upload speeds which can make the use of digital tools off-putting.

Contrary to popular belief, digital tools also have an impact on our global emissions, as they all require energy to use.

With these challenges in mind, we are delivering an introductory training session to provide guidance for using these tools, including ways to alleviate connectivity issues and reduce environmental impact.

The first workshop will be held on 15th September at The Rivergreen Centre, Stannington
Over the course of the workshop you will learn about:

  • Working with others on a virtual whiteboard using Miro

  • How to keep in touch with your whole team using Slack

  • Running projects using Trello

  • Collaborating in real time with Google Docs

  • The carbon impact of digital

To access the training you will need to complete a registration form. Places are fully funded but limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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