Here are a list of events where you can find out more about events relevant to the Rural Design Centre Innovation Project in the North of Tyne region.

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Make the Most of Our Industrial Heritage

The less industrialised Britain is the more fascinating the north's internationally important industrial heritage becomes: there may be few nuggets left to dig from the ground but there are plenty to unearth in the archives!

Rural Café

Grab a cuppa and join us online for a virtual get-together on the final Thursday of every month.

Make Your Creative Business Centre Stage

Blanchland's Abbey has an amazing acoustic chamber which we will take full advantage of during a two day workshop to find out how to make the very most this space can offer.

Improve your service user's experience

Not-for-profit and charities are invited to join us for a series of workshops to understand more about and improve your user's experience.

Make the Most of Berwick

Hidden corner, gateway, a bit of paradise, heart of its community: it doesn’t take much of an online search to get the measure of Berwick. It’s a beautiful place to live… and to work.